About Us


We are a small apparel brand from Columbia Missouri. We’ve set out to create a brand that is central to what we know. With this in mind, we are building a brand that embraces our guiding principles of environment and exploration. In doing so, we want to provide additional perspectives on the way things are viewed and interpreted. We hope you’ll share this vision with us. 

-VH Team



Our artwork and designs are centered on the beauty of everyday life. With our artwork, there is more than first meets the eye. In each one of our designs, we’ve hidden our mascot-the husky itself. The hidden husky represents us and our interactions both seen and unseen with our environment. How we interact with our environment can have a profound impact on how our future will be shaped. Our inconspicuous husky not only serves as an Easter egg, but also as a reminder to be present in the moment and conscious of what is going on around us.